Expert Witness Services

Successful real estate expert witness services require experience.  The Law Office of Martin J. Greenberg, LLC. has extensive experience with the expert witness services and provides our clients with advice every step of the way.

Martin J. Greenberg, through his years of experience as a real estate practitioner and professor at Marquette University Law School, has been employed as an expert witness in several real estate cases, including:


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GEA Associates, et al. vs. Metropolitan Ventures, LLC.
Milwaukee County Case Number 2002-CV-006841

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to (1) whether the purchaser was purchasing real estate or general and limited partnership interest, i.e. personal property; (2) whether a condition precedent as it relates to delivery of assignments was for the benefit of both the buyer and seller; (3) what do the terms “best efforts” and to act “in good faith” require with respect to the sale of general and limited partnership units; and (4) does the real estate broker have the right to offer the interest to be sold during a condition precedent period and accept offers on a secondary basis.

Peter Moede & Moira Moede vs. Najam Awan, et al.
Milwaukee County Case Number 2003-CV-003004

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to an “as is” clause in an offer to purchase, the legal implications of an “as is” clause, proper drafting and the standard of care in the brokerage industry, and the proper elements of an “as is” clause to prevent further recourse by a buyer post-closing.

Ronald Ricco et al. vs. Daniel Riva, el al.
Waukesha County Case Number 2001-CV-1308

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to certain representations as to the rental of a property as made by a broker and the standard of care of brokers with respect to discovering and disclosing adverse facts, providing accurate information, and the liability of a broker for misrepresentations of others.

Town of Delavan vs. Hey and Associates, Inc., et al.
Walworth County Case Number 2007-CV-876

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to a lease and the failure to negotiate, draft, and include provisions to protect the plaintiff with respect to the tenant’s use of the property.

Michael and Lisa Eddy vs. B.S.T. et al.
Milwaukee County Case No. 2003-CV-2307

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to the interpretation of an exculpatory clause in a real estate contract and whether or not such exculpatory clause violated public policy, real estate broker’s obligation to retain documents, and a broker’s fiduciary obligations under Wisconsin Statutes and the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Bonnie Deutsch, Trustee of the Bonnie Deutsch Revocable Trust, et al.
v.  Rebecca M. Orth, et al.
Milwaukee County Case Number 2007-CV-00455

Greenberg was asked to give expert opinions as to the chain and status of title to a parcel of real estate and to determine whether a party who is a condominium owner has an implied and/or expressed easement right over a bridge for ingress and egress to the condominium property.

United States of America vs. Larry J. Lupton
United States District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin, Case No. 07-CR-219

Greenberg was asked to testify as an expert witness on the activities of defendant broker relative to Wisconsin Statute Sec. 452.045(m), presenting terms of competing proposals to various parties interested in the transaction, fee splitting, and the use of designated agents.

Montalvo v. Judge, et al.
Milwaukee County Case Number 2007-CV-15848

Greenberg was asked to give an expert opinion with respect to the failure to record a divorce judgment and the affect upon subsequent title holders, including the concept of bona fide purchaser for value and whether property passes as a result of a court order without recordation.

Milianta and Peterson v. First Weber Group, Inc., et al.
Washington County Case No. 2011-CV-0078

Greenberg was asked to give an expert opinion with respect to whether a real estate broker had violated State Statutes and Real Estate Board Rules with respect to duties owed to the plaintiffs regarding a property line dispute.


In addition to these, Greenberg acted as an expert witness for parties regarding the duties of parties holding real estate licenses, and duties and ethics of real estate brokers.

  • Expert witness case relative to adverse possession, prescriptive easement and easement by necessity.
  • Expert witness as to whether or not rescission is appropriate remedy in a closed real estate transaction.