Danelle Anderson Welzig

Danelle Anderson Welzig, Executive Legal Assistant

Executive Legal Assistant, Danelle Welzig, joined The Law Office of Martin J. Greenberg in 2014. She comes to us from Charleston, South Carolina, where she spent twelve years as a legal assistant on a wide variety of legal matters. In particular, Danelle has a wealth of experience assisting lawyers with complex cases in construction litigation, both in and out of the courtroom.

Welzig has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. She also holds associate certificates in Criminal justice, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and earned a Paralegal Certificate from an ABA accredited program. Welzig completed her internship with United States Pretrial Services and has since volunteered her time to conduct defendant interviews, verify background information, and review volumes of documentation relative to clients.

Welzig has assisted in the procurement, organization, and maintenance of a library of contracts for college coaches, athletic directors and presidents. She has been responsible for drafting real estate closing documents. She also assists in the preparation of documentation that is presented to the Court of Appeals. Welzig also assists in drafting our litigation pleadings for circuit court, as well as maintaining our discovery documents for litigation files.